Genetic Rescue Foundation was formed in 2015 as a way to address extinction at its root.  Founder, David Iorns, was a citizen scientist who was frustrated at the lack of new technology being developed for conservation and wanted to enable ordinary people to drive the science forward.  In particular, David was crazy about seeing our lost species return to our forests.

Fast forward a few years and under the leadership of Molecular Biologist, Matiu Andrews-Cookson, we are now working on a range of incredible projects aimed at understanding and restoring our biodiversity.  To do this, we’ve partnered with some of the most advanced labs and smartest minds in the world today. We reckon New Zealanders want to be involved up to their elbows in the restoration of our endangered and extinct species.  Our aim is to help passionate everyday folks get in behind the science that will revolutionise conservation in New Zealand. How cool is that!